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  • Contemporary African and Eurocentric Art in Steel, Stone & Wood.
  • One-of-a-Kind Collectors' Artwork.
  • Original Artworks - No Replication or Mass Production.
  • Shona / Ndebele Traditional Creations.



All artists featured in this gallery originate from Africa, with special reference to Zimbabwe and South Africa. These Artists have through generations , skillfully mastered their individual trades and have distinctive designs and selective composites of sculpting in steel, wood and various stone types in their sculpting.

All artworks are original, one-of-a-kind creations, with no mass production. The artwork is imported directly from the artist's studio or creative space to Gecko Art Galleries. The Artwork we offer is created on commission from the Gallery or chosen through meticulous selection by the Gallery Director from existing creations.

The original artwork is inspired by Shona and Ndebele Culture with Eurocentric influences, and can be described as Contemporary, yet not fully Traditional African Art.

Gecko Art Galleries offers our sincere gratitude and admiration for our artists and to our patrons who acknowledge their creativity shown in every piece they create through hard work and endurance in a very difficult environment.


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